My 1934 Box Saloon TH 4171 purchased in July 2009 from an elderly gentleman from Newport S Wales, I was parked in High Town Hereford with my Austin Seven Chummy when I was approached by this Gentleman and he informed me he had a Austin Seven parked in his garage and been there for 30 Years. I was very excited and arranged to view it on the following Monday. I purchased the car, trailored it home gave it a good shampoo (to wash off 30 years of grime) to find an unbelievable body. I have done very little to the engine, ground the valves in, new gaskets etc, petrol tank cleaned and new battery, fresh petrol and hey ho she started. This little car has taken my wife and myself to France x2, Ireland, Cumbria and North Wales. What a find and having a Welsh Reg she is known as "BRONWYN"

As one of the founder members of Hereford Austin Seven Club, little did I think from that evening in February 2009 sat round a table in a local pub having a pint with three other Austin Seven Owners would be the start of such venture as HEREFORD AUSTIN SEVEN CLUB has become.

Having organised three foreign trips i.e, Two to France and One to Ireland also UK trips to Cumbria and North Wales with the latest one to Somerset.

I am also proud to say that over the years the membership has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I was elected Chairman at our AGM in February 2020 and having an excellent Committee behind me and to ALL the MEMBERS I say A VERY BIG THANK YOU.


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